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Hello, esteemed guests and diamond enthusiasts!

My name is Tun Riviera, the CEO and founder of ItalianDream.info, where we specialize in the most beautiful and precise oval cut diamonds in the world. Welcome to our little corner of the internet that twinkles as brightly as the gems we produce. Before we journey through the fantastic offerings we have, I want to share with you the story of ItalianDream.info and how my own life’s journey led me to become a world authority on oval cut diamonds.

A Diamond in the Rough: The Origins of My Obsession

My journey began in a small, picturesque town in the Italian Alps, surrounded by the rugged beauty of nature. Yet, for all that beauty, it was the gleaming gemstones in my grandmother’s antique jewelry box that caught my youthful eyes. Among those treasures, a single oval cut diamond ring stood out. I was fascinated not just by its sparkle, but by the intricacy and balance in its cut.

The oval cut diamond was the epitome of harmony, possessing both the brilliance of a round diamond and the elegance of an elongated shape. I was captivated. This wasn’t merely a spark of interest—it was a burning passion that could not be ignored. I knew that I had to explore this fascination further.

A Grand Adventure: Studying the Oval Cut

As I grew older, I left my small town and moved to Milan to study gemology. During my studies, I met Professor Giovanni Lucciano, the renowned gemologist and then the world’s foremost authority on oval cut diamonds. Akin to a master-apprentice relationship straight from a Renaissance tale, Professor Lucciano took me under his wing and introduced me to the world of diamond cutting. I spent years in labs, analyzing the light performance and ratio of numerous oval diamonds, and even developed a unique set of parameters that produced an oval cut with unparalleled brilliance.

From Italy to Antwerp: The International Stage

Upon completing my studies, I set out for Antwerp—the diamond capital of the world. There, my unique approach to oval cut diamonds quickly caught the eye of industry veterans. I was bestowed the honor of presenting my findings at the World Diamond Congress. The thesis was groundbreaking and changed the established norms in oval cut grading, providing a more rigorous method for evaluating brilliance and balance in oval cut diamonds.

ItalianDream.info: The Dream Realized

With the backing of industry leaders and armed with years of expertise, I returned to Italy to start ItalianDream.info. Our specialization in oval cut diamonds has attracted clientele from across the globe, including Hollywood celebrities, royal families, and discerning collectors. ItalianDream.info is not just a business; it’s a lifelong ambition, a standard of excellence, and above all, a passion that has spanned decades.

Stories of Unforgettable Gems

Through the years, ItalianDream.info has been part of some extraordinary stories. There’s the tale of the “Dolce Vita Diamond,” an oval cut masterpiece that we crafted for an Italian movie star, which went on to be featured in a classic film. Then there’s the “Venezia Treasure,” an oval diamond set in an intricate Venetian-style ring that a young man used to propose on a gondola—making waves in both the fashion and diamond industries.

What We Offer

At ItalianDream.info, we offer an unmatched collection of oval cut diamonds that span a range of sizes, colors, and clarities, all graded with our unique, proprietary system to ensure they meet the high standards set by years of research and experience.

Feel free to browse our collection, learn more about oval cut diamonds through our educational resources, and even customize your very own oval cut diamond jewelry. We’re here to help you realize your Italian dream, one exquisite diamond at a time.

Thank you for choosing ItalianDream.info. We look forward to adding a touch of Italian sparkle to your life.

With warm regards,

Tun Riviera
CEO, ItalianDream.info
World Authority on Oval Cut Diamonds…