Palace Penthouse in Top 100 Italian beauty spot.  Medieval meets contemporary.

Simply pictures.  Please scroll down for more photos:

The number 1 let in this locale, with private sun terrace...

and spacious rooms indoors...

a huge bedroom...

a contemporary bathroom...

Views from indoors as well ...

... as from the terrace outside :

From the partly shaded sun terrace to...

...spacious seclusion above an Italian beauty spot

All the conveniences you need for an easy stay:

Characterful! Spaciousness laced with objects d'arte ...

sunny tranquility for two

750 Sterling weekly

or 1,200 for 2 weeks

Below: the palace penthouse atop the palace, outlined in red

 Triora is one of the top-100 beautiful villages in Italy


Triora is only 90 minutes drive from Nice airport in France

& only 40 from the Riviera.  Rivers, lakes & walks galore

Roads are generally traffic-free, a driver's dream


"Triora is like The English Lake District WITH  good weather and MORE history."



"Triora is a bit like Machu Picchu ... without having to travel to Peru!"



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