2  Medieval Palace holiday homes in sunny Liguria, Italy

Simply pictures... scroll down for more photos of both

above: (1/II)  Palace Chambers of Napoleon's general Massena, a stylish, grand home

10 rooms: 3/4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, sun terrace €195,000 over 150m / 1600ft


below: (2/II) Palace Penthouse, contemporary home, sun terrace & panoramas

spacious, light 1/2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms 130m / 1400ft for sale €155,000

Simply pictures.  Please scroll down for more photos of both homes, for 2 sales...



The Palace Chambers of Massena, the Napoleonic General, 10 rooms and storage

above: day room & dining room, with office nook

below: the sun terrace facing south-east

above and below : the kitchen

below: the bathrooms

above: shower room#1  ||  below:  shower room#2

above: shower room#2  ||  below:  shower room#1 - rose marble and slate

below: the dining room / morning room ... to the drawing room

above: from the nook, the morning room & dining room   ||   below: the drawing room

above: drawing room  ||  below: morning room, to the terrace, office, library & bedrooms

below:  the library / cinema.  Once was & can be again a 4th bedroom

below: the bedrooms.  There can be 4 bedrooms in this home

other bedrooms can be viewed during a pre-arranged visit.

shower rooms are adjacent to all of the bedrooms

below: towards San Remo from the sun terrace

photos above : the palace chambers €195,000

photos above & below Dan Castledine

photos below : the palace penthouse €155,000



Palace Penthouse, a lofty, light & large holiday home with lots of storage

quality, private sun terrace with views a great price ...  priceless!

spacious rooms indoors...

a huge bedroom 30m ...  designed to de divided into 2 bedrooms

a contemporary bathroom... 1 of 2 bathrooms

Views from indoors, above the birds ... mountains and river valleys

southerly views from the terrace... this is winter. Imagine summer!

From the partly shaded sun terrace to...

...spacious seclusion above an Italian beauty spot

all the conveniences you need ...

Characterful!  Spaciousness laced with objects d'arte ...

sunny tranquility for two ... or four! The 2nd bedroom can be easily created

Penthouse asking price in the region of GBP 150,000 Sterling

Chambers asking price is in the region of 185,000 Sterling

photos above Dan Castledine

The palace penthouse, atop the palace, is here outlined in red:

The palace is the entire structure in yellow and grey.  The penthouse is outlined in red.

The somewhat larger Napoleonic home is located directly below the Penthouse.


the reason for the sales is a divorce


For now, see below, scroll down for older photos of this amazing property...




 10 rooms. Over 1,600ft!  3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, etc.  1 sun terrace with panoramic views


 Vaulted ceiling dining/living rooms, large bedrooms & living spaces with high ceilings. Marble bathroom & kitchen.

 Kitchen & bathrooms are fitted & finished with all appliances.  Heated floor in bathrooms.

Central heating system, wood pellets stove and  log burner also.

Gas store adjacent, off street, for cooking gas and wood, etc.

 Terrace has stunning views and sunshine all day long. 3 entrance halls.

 New plumbing/electrics throughout.


Asking around 175,000 Sterling GBP



 Triora is one of the top-100 beautiful villages in Italy



Triora is only 90 minutes drive from Nice airport in France

only 40 from the Riviera. 


Rivers, lakes & walks galore.

Panoramic views that are simply stunning!


Roads are generally traffic-free, a driver's dream


"Triora is like The English Lake District WITH  good weather and MORE history."



"Triora is a bit like Machu Picchu ... without having to travel to Peru!"